Get Involved

We are about to start a lot of new projects in Autumn 2019 but our current studies include:

  • Early Toy Play and Imitation

cropped-p1080599.jpgAn early toy play study taking place in the lab. This study started a couple of years ago before a couple of us went on maternity leave,  and we are looking for our last few participants.

The study is for 5-7 month old infants. If you take part in the study, you, the parent, will be present with the researcher and your baby for the entirety of the session. The session can be arranged at any time to suit your schedule, will be under an hour, and we will give you £10 to cover your travel expenses and a Baby Scientist Certificate as a thank you. Parking outside the lab will also be provided. 

For more information please contact Gwen Schwab on or Dr Vicky Lovett on or 01792 295270.

An information sheet and informed consent form for the study can be found here.