A long awaited update – Lots of changes in the lab

So there has been a period of time since we were last updating this page. My Apologies!

First Lauren and Myself went on Maternity leave. Then Lauren went back to the U.S. (and she is dearly missed). I have to be honest I have struggled coming back from maternity to keep on top of the lab website – who knew having two children was more than simply double the work lolol.

Then the lab was closed for a while whilst other studies by another group were being conducted and then we briefly started a new attachment with young athletes study.  We have been investigating a whole new build for the lab – plans have been made (taking considerable time) and now we wait on the powers that be to see if they will fund it.

Several projects students have been and gone during this now and in January Gwen a new Ph.D. has joined the lab and she has taken over from where Lauren left off. We are now back in the lab and many more studies should be starting in the Autumn.

I am now currently updating the website and hoping to keep this up to date from now on #workgoals.

Best wishes, Vicky


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